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"When I am writing, I am doing the thing I was meant to do."
Anne Sexton.

Jacq Molloy

Jacq Molloy is an award winning short story writer, a performed playwright and experienced arts journalist.

Recent publications include short stories in the anthologies; 'Memories of Clothes' and 'Needlewriters'. She has been a creative writing tutor for fifteen years and also mentors writers and critiques prose on a one to one basis.

Jacq has a Master's degree in Creative Writing from Sussex University and is a Certified Writing Coach. She bans the use of the word 'perfect' in her writing workshops!

Terrie Rintoul

Terrie Rintoul is a member of the Society of Authors and has been tutoring writing courses for the past eight years.

She has helped over one hundred people to write their own life stories, many of which have been published. She has also devised a course which helps fiction writers to channel their own experience into the creative writing process.

"All good writers instinctively know how to use their own experience to enrich their work. Indeed, many first novels are often autobiographical. But it is not just a question of weaving in memories but also making the most of all that being human can bring to your writing."

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